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VIDEO: Aries Season 2024

A Little Bit About ARIES

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HEADLINES w/Sybil Wilkes
What You Need To Know: 
The 2024 Astrology

Astrologer, Tarot Reader & Teacher

Wanica aka MsAstrology & Orion aka Ori

Hello Collective...I Am So Glad You Are Here!

It is my goal to bring you as much Esoteric Insight As Possible.

In the year 2024, I have committed to bringing more of what you guys have asked for - COURSES!

I am now providing a way to connect with me personally (thru readings),

to learn from me in a group setting (classes) & and to do BOTH while socializing with me weekly as a member of  The CosmicallyLIT Collective.

Take some time to explore the sight & see if you are interested in any of my many offerings.

I am excited to connect with you in whatever capacity feels right for both of us. 

See ya soon. ~Wanica aka MsAstrology (& Ori)

P.S. - Make sure you sign up for The CosmicallyLIT Newsletter

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Hi...I am Wanica aka MsAstrology & I bring you The Cosmically LIT Collective. This is a space where I teach you what I have learned & integrated into my life...what I have found to be helpful for myself & my dozens of highly satisfied clients.

I have had a life long interest in all the esoteric subjects (beginning with Astrology) and take pride is teacher others how to use what I've learned to make their best of their lives, relationships, careers and more. I have spent years (and thousands) formally learning, implementing and teaching whenever and wherever I can.

I have 5 planets (4 personal) in the sign of Sagittarius which makes me a lifelong student and eventual teacher/guru...Astrology, Tarot, & Numerology are my subjects of choice.

I am also a lover of all things nature, yoga & healthy living.

I am a Texas Girl! Born in Dallas but raised in Houston. 

I look forward to pouring into you all that I have learned within my lifetime.

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